Lexcron Genie Webcam Driver Download

If you have Lexcron Genie Webcam it’s so difficult to find this driver from the internet event at the official website. I am using Google, Bing and Yahoo to search it but I can’t find Lexcron Genie Webcam Driver to download.

So I go to the computer shop to ask this driver, and then I try to install on my AMD X2. I am so happy that my Lexcron Genie Webcam works so well. Now I can make video call and chat with my family and friends.

Lexcron Genie Webcam Driver Download
Lexcron Genie Webcam

Technical Data Lexcron Webcam Genie:

-High Resolution Up to 1.3MP for finest result.
-Equipped with LED For better result capture.
-Small Tripod is included for more stable recording.
-4x Digital Zoom. - Compatible with Win98/ME/2000/XP.

Lexcron Genie Webcam Driver Download

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salam kenal..artikelnya bagus..kunjung balik ya..thanks


maksie link driver Lexcron Genie Webcam its usefull


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